George Kachinsky's Piano Lessons

Musical Adventure for Children

Embark on a delightful journey of musical discovery with George Kachinsky, a virtuoso pianist and dedicated teacher who brings the magic of piano right to your home. Specializing in teaching children, George creates a nurturing and fun environment where young minds can explore and grow their musical talents.

About George Kachinsky

George Kachinsky is a passionate pianist and dedicated teacher, known for his unique approach to music education. With a rich background in classical piano, George’s musical journey began in childhood, leading him to study under renowned pianists and perform at prestigious venues. His love for music extends beyond performance to composition, where he excels in creating emotive and engaging pieces.

As a teacher, George is committed to nurturing young talents in the comfort of their homes. He believes every child has innate musicality and tailors his lessons to unlock this potential. His teaching style is patient and empathetic, focusing on building a strong foundation in music theory and technique while encouraging creativity and self-expression. George’s goal is to instill a lifelong love for music in his students, making him an ideal mentor for aspiring young pianists.

Our Approach to Piano Lessons

Tailored to Children: George’s lessons are specifically designed for young learners, making piano learning fun, engaging, and accessible.

In-Home Convenience: George comes to you, providing lessons in the comfort and familiarity of your own home, making learning convenient and comfortable for both you and your child.

Building Foundations: Lessons focus on the fundamentals of piano playing, from basic techniques to early music theory, tailored to suit each child’s pace and interests.

Encouraging Creativity: Beyond the keys, children are encouraged to express themselves, fostering creativity and confidence.

Begin Your Child’s Musical Journey

Why Choose George Kachinsky?

Personalized Attention:

With one-on-one lessons, George ensures that each child receives individual attention, catering to their unique learning style.

Progress at Your Pace:
Lessons are designed to align with your child’s learning speed, ensuring they remain engaged and motivated.

Nurturing Environment:
George creates a supportive and positive atmosphere that encourages children to explore, learn, and enjoy music.

Flexible Scheduling:
Lessons are scheduled at your convenience, accommodating your family’s busy lifestyle.

Lesson Pricing

George Kachinsky offers exceptional in-home piano lessons, tailored to nurture and develop young musical talents. Our pricing is designed to provide flexible options that cater to various needs and schedules.

Individual Lesson Rates

  • 2-Hour Lesson: €70
  • 1-Hour Lesson: €40

(Note: The minimum lesson duration is 2 hours.)

Monthly Packages

  • 8 Hours per Week: €1000 per month. Ideal for intensive learning and rapid progress.
  • 4 Hours per Week: €500 per month. A balanced approach for consistent improvement.
  • 2 Hours per Week: €250 per month. Perfect for regular practice and steady development.

Value and Convenience

Our pricing reflects the quality and convenience of personalized, in-home piano instruction by George Kachinsky. With these lessons, your child receives undivided attention and a customized learning experience, ensuring effective progress in their musical journey.

Invest in Musical Excellence

Choosing George Kachinsky’s piano lessons means investing in your child’s musical future. Our rates are structured to provide the best value for in-home, personalized music education, fostering a deep and lasting love for piano in every student.